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Advanced super lubricant.

"When you find yourself in a sticky situation. Doctor Lubricus™ can slip on through."


"Lube your nuts."


Just a small amount in the nut groves, tuner gears, tremolo parts including spring mounts and bridge saddles will help to eliminate friction. When installing a wood screw, such as for strap buttons or trem mounts, apply a small amount onto the screw before installing in a pre drilled hole.

While using it in our repair shop, we have not noticed any adverse effects such as finish, wood, or metal discoloration but you may want to test a small amount yourself in an inconspicuous place.


Beside using it for guitars, it also works great on zippers, hinges, and sticky case or door locks!


Available in a .5ml syringe

.75 oz tube

1 oz syringe shop size

Doctor Lubricus™

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